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Looking to get your VW T6 OR VW T5 a Remap, our Raceline Performance Remaps are the best in the UK by far. We remove the likes of Revo, Superchips ect ect and replace with a Raceline re map, we have NEVER had a disappointed customer or a problem with one of our re maps.

We were the first in the UK to offer re maps to the new models in 2010 and then when the software was changed in 2012 and now with the new generation software on the new vans arriving with customers. We also offer a removal and re install if your van needs to go in to VW for a warranty claim.

All this is backed by your money back if you're not happy with the performance of our Raceline remaps. Bring it back and we will put it back to standard and refund your money in full, you have nothing to loose. Our remaps will also over come the slight stutter you get with the DSG models when pulling away.

We are very busy and this needs to be booked in advance, the process takes approx 2 hours.

Our remaps always remain within the manufacturer’s safe tolerances and limits.

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