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Our Xtreme Sound Deadening, Insulation & Lining Package is the Most Exclusive Sound Deadening, Insulation & Comprehensive Lining Package you will get.

Don’t be fooled by companies offering D-Matting, Dynamat or similar as a Sound Deadening Treatment. Whilst these materials will eliminate a small amount off road noise, these materials are anti vibration products used in Audio Installations to stop powerful speakers vibrating panels, door cards and dash trims, ect. They are not dedicated automotive sound deadening products.

Our Five Stage Xtreme Sound Deadening, Insulation & Lining Package Consists of a Complete strip of your vehicle, then the process of work commences.

Stage 1

3mm Xtreme Sound Deadening Material with a specially designed textured surface to offer greater sound damping and anti vibration properties applied as the first layer to all the exposed panels including the roof all the way to the windscreen, all side doors & side panels, rear door or doors, as well as covering the entire rear floor load space area.

Stage 2

Sound deadening using a 26db rated sound absorbing high density thermal product Is applied over the top of the first layer of Xtreme Sound Deadening Material throughout the vehicle to all voids and recesses, covering the entire roof including above the head cab area, side doors and side rear panels, rear door or doors with the exception of the floor where the existing load matt in put over the top.

Stage 3

Acoustic Lining Fibre is applied to all visible steel work(excluding doors) including coverage of the upper side panels.

Stage 4

Super Moisture resistant recycled user friendly insulation is used to pack all voids and recesses which helps Eliminate further road noise whilst also maintaining warmth inside the vehicle.

Stage 5

Replacement of all grey panelling with acoustic lined 6mm marine grade CNC Cut Ply panels. Acoustic lined roof panels with the elimination of the original light fittings. 3mm marine grade CNC Cut single piece Ply panel in a choice of Dark or Light Faux Alcantara.

We Do Not Re-Use the Existing Roof Panels & Side Panels as they are not Strong Enough -

Finishing with a set of 10 LED ceiling lights wired to the courtesy system for full operation when the doors are opened. We will also install two twin USB charge points for iPods, iPhones or the equivalent Android devices.

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